In addition to the Planning and Preparation of your project, there are several things you should do before you start to add your project here.

  1. Decide which email address you will use as the project owner.  This will be your primary Sign In.
  2. Make sure you have a bank account and know the IBAN and BIC or ACH numbers.
  3. If you are a business, make sure you are properly registered with the appropriate authorities.
  4. Set up a Stripe Account (preferred) and familiarise yourself with the system.  Once you have added your project, you will see a Stripe Connect button to link the project directly to your account.
  5. If you want to allow UK patrons to pay by Direct Debit, you must have a UK Bank Account, your project must be in GBP and you will need to register with GoCardless. Instructions will be given to you once you have added your project.
  6. If you want to use a Paypal Business Account to receive your payments do it well in advance. This can take several weeks to be verified by Paypal. You will need to enter this email address even if it is the same as your project owner's email address. Be aware that Paypal has limits on the amounts that can be paid by patrons and withdrawals by project owners.
  7. Set up a Google+ Plus account.  This will be used for your Short URL and Analytics.  You do not have to use  a Gmail account.
  8. Set up your Social Media pages.  At the very least you should have Facebook and Twitter.  If you are a business, you should also have a page on LinkedIn but there are many others. Start building your following as early and often as possible.
  9. Identify groups that can help you achieve your goal and register with them. Interact early and often.

Adding a project is simple

  1. If you have not already registered, click "Start a project" and add Your Profile information.
  2. If you have previously registered, click "Sign In" and then return to Your Project.
  3. When you have registered, click the tab "Project " and start to enter the project details.
    1. At this point you can save your project and return later
    2. You will be able to upload images only when you have added the project profile
  4. Videos should be stored on YouTube only under your YouTube ID and preferably on a channel for your project
    1. You only need to enter the actual filename, not the full url
  5. Audios should be stored on Soundcloud only
    1. You only need to enter the actual filename, not the full url Analytics and URLs

Your campaign will be automatically assigned a Short URL which you can use to track your page views. For example - 

You should use this URL in all your communications and you will find it in Your Project profile once that has been completed. You will also find a QR Code on the Analytics page.

You will need to have a Google account in order to use this feature but you do not have to use a gmail address.  Click here to get a Google account. 

You can also assign additional Short URLs for your inner circle or network  for them to use in their marketing thus enabling you to track their results.  Affiliates are automatically assigned a unique Short URL for them to use.

Your Long URL will be displayed on your project page and can also be used as we have complete tracking over our whole site.

Preview your project regularly

When you have added your project, you will be able to use the "Preview" tab to see how it will look when published.  You can use the URL for this page to gain first opinions from your inner circle, but the project will not be made public until it has been approved.

Uploading images

Once you have added your project, you can upload the images you want to use.

The Primary images for Your Profile and Your Project can be added from these pages directly.  You will also have an option to upload additional images from the top menu under "Your Project".

Uploaded mages should be no more than 1.5MB each but we recommend a maximum size of 400x400 and less than 200KB for faster page loading.

Images are stored in your user directory.  If you want to embed these in profile or description fields, you must enter the location as /users/youruserid/filename.  For example, /users/CF000001/filename. Don't forget to include the alt text that is displayed on mouseover.

If your images are stored somewhere else, you should enter the full URL including http://

Click the "Rewards" tab to view, add and edit Your Rewards

You will be able to add rewards once you have added your project details.

Reward descriptions should be brief as they will be displayed in the reward panel and they will be displayed in ascending order of  cost.

You can edit or delete rewards only before the campaign is live.  After that, if you want to change something you will need to submit a request.  Changes will only be allowed if no patrons have selected that reward.

Remember you are totally and solely responsible for the fulfilment of rewards, so keep them as simple as possible.

Your Test Survey is one of the most important tools. Feedback from your test audience will help you optimise your presentation and highlight weaknesses.

The results of test surveys will be displayed once you have formulated your questions and asked your Inner Circle to Preview Your Project.

Create your questions

You can choose from the following options:

  • True or False
  • Yes or No
  • Multiple Choice (up to 4)
  • Dropdown box (up to 4)
  • Scale (1 to 10)
  • Quantity or Value
  • Text Response

You can sequence your questions by dragging the row and dropping it where you want it to appear. Responses will be shown to you in the Test Survey tab

Ask your Audience to participate

Once you have created your survey, the next step is get as many of your Inner Circle to complete it as possible.  This will not only start building your following but will also show you whether your audience numbers are realistic.  Remember that at this stage your project is in Preview mode, so you can use the feedback to improve every aspect of your campaign.


Example questions that you should not be afraid to ask

  • Which Reward would you pick? (Multiple Choice)
  • How many friends will you invite to view the campaign? (Quantity)


Links to your Social Media pages

As part of your campaign and particularly in the time leading up to your launch, you must devote considerable time to building and communicating with your network, not just the inner circle but their extended circles.

Social Media is a critical part of your communications and you should create distinct pages on your own website, and social sites.

Click the "Links" tab to add, view and edit the social links that will be displayed at the foot of your campaign page. 

Enter the URL in full including http:// and the URL title for mouseover display.

There are a number of pre-loaded icons that you can use.  If you upload your own icons, you must prefix the Icon Filename with  /users/userid/filename   for example users/CF00001/filename   You will see your userid on your profile tab.


Use the "Updates" tab to communicate with your audience and keep them up to date with events, changes, new rewards or news.

Updates are automatically emailed to all your patrons, followers and affiliates but only when you specifically approve the update. 

If you want to send messages only to affiliates , you should use the "Contact Form" and check the "Send to Affiliates " box.

Use the Action Icons to approve, amend or delete the update.


Comments can be added to your campaign by you or any registered member.

All comments are emailed to you and must be specifically approved by you before they will display publicly.  When you receive a notification, you must Sign In promptly and either accept or delete the comment. 

Use the Action Icons to approve, amend or delete the comment.

Certain text fields such as personal profiles, comments and updates allow you to edit the content of the field using a WYSIWYG formatting editor which also allows you to insert images, links and widgets in a well formatted manner.    

Links to other sites or images stored on other sites must be entered in full.  For example "".

As a general rule if you add a link to another site you should select the "target" tab of the Link box and select "New Window" otherwise the user could be taken off your page and not return.

If you upload your images here and want to use them in these fields, you must enter the image src as  "/users/youruserid/filename". For example "/users/CF000001/filename".   You will see your userid on your profile tab.

If you use images from another server, you must enter the full URL including http://.  Don't forget to include the Alt text for your images!

Widgets can be inserted in these text fields by switching the editor to Source Mode and adding the HTML code from your widget. Be careful not to disturb other HMTL tags in the field though!

Your user profile and project profile each allow you to upload one primary image and the filename is automatically added into these primary records.

Images are stored in your user directory under your User ID

If you want to upload more images for use in the project description, updates or user profile, you can add these from the top menu. See the previous section for more information about how to reference links and images.

Banner Ads for Affiliate and your own use are stored in your user folder.

Upload the images from the Social Links Tab of Your Project. There is no limit to the number of ads you can use.

You should use the following industry standard sizes and have at least one in each size.

  • 728 by 90
  • 160 by 600
  • 180 by 150
  • 300 by 250
  • 851 x 314  (Facebook)

* Note: You can list  your images from the List Images option in the top menu. It is recommended that you should NOT delete banner ads unless there is a good reason because Affiliates may be using these in their marketing efforts.

Note on filenames

Filenames may not include special characters or spaces except for

_ underscores 

. periods

- hyphens

The steps of creating a campaign

  1. Create your own profile.  This will be displayed
  2. Create the project
  3. Add rewards
  4. Create a test survey (optional)
  5. Submit your campaign for approval by checking the box at the end of the Project Details
  6. When your campaign is approved, we will need the following which we will request:
    1. Your bank details and confirmation id document(s)
    2. Your Paypal account id (we advise a separate account for the funds)
    3. If Stripe is one of your payment options, you must Connect to Stripe
    4. If GoCardless is one your payment options, you must register with them (UK only)
  7. Conduct your test surveys using the link we will send you
  8. You can choose how long to remain in Preview mode or if you are ready, go live.
  9. If all goes according to plan, go live by checking the box at the end of the Project Details

Pre Launch Activity

Campaigns are most succesful when the audience has been created, informed and warmed to your project.

This may take months of hard work even if you are thoroughly skilled in Social Media and Network Marketing.  Do not underestimate the task!

The more presentable your campaign, the easier it will be.  This includes one of the most important aspects which is



The video is your window to your audience and should be carefully scripted and filmed to the best of your ability.

You will probably find that making several versions and testing them with your inner circle in a controlled way will help you get the balance right.

Be yourself is the best advice we can give but we can connect you with a number of professional video makers.

There is no magic button - you must know your project, your audience and decide what the "hot buttons" are.

Stripe To use Stripe you must have one of the following:
  • a USD bank account in the USA,
  • a Sterling bank account in the UK
  • a Euro bank account in the EU

  1. Go to and sign up to open an account
  2. On your Dashboard, first set up the Test settings. See the top left
  3. Click the account setting in the top right.
  4. On the General Tab, enter a short project name. This is displayed to Patrons.
  5. On the API Keys Tab, make a note of your Keys. These are very important.
  6. On the Webhooks Tab, click Add URL and enter and select Test mode. Click Create Webhook URL.
  7. Repeat step 6 selecting Live mode
  8. On the Emails Tab, select the options you want.  You and the Patron will both receive emails from us when a pledge is made, so this is not essential.
  9. Return to Patronomy and to Your Project page.
  10. Check the Stripe box and enter the email address you have used.
  11. Save Changes
  12. Click the Connect to Stripe button and follow the instructions
  13. This will automatically connect our system to your Stripe TEST Account
  14. We will ask you to complete a test transaction using a guest account we will send you.

Before you are ready to go live, you must provide more information.

  1. Login in to your dashboard here
  2. Click the Live slider at the top left
  3. Click Activate the account and complete the form completely and click Activate.
    1. You may enter up to 3 bank accounts which can avoid currency conversion costs of 2%
  4. When you receive your confirmation email, follow the link to verify your email address
  5. Confirm your password and then click Activate the account again.
  6. Return to Patronomy and to Your Project page.
  7. Click the Go Live with Stripe button and follow the instructions
  8. This will automatically connect our system to your Stripe LIVE Account
  9. Your dashboard will now show you both test and live transactions
  10. Before your campaign goes live, we will ask you make a live contribution

You may note the following about Stripe

  • Although using Stripe involves more steps, the process is quite simple if you have all the information to hand.
  • Their support is far superior to that of Paypal, with enquiries being answered normally within 48 hours.
  • They accept almost any currency worldwide subject to a 2% conversion charge if it is not one of your home currencies.
  • The Dashboard is simple to use and gives full information.
  • We have not heard of any cases where accounts have been frozen.
  • Payments are made to your account in 3-5 days normally.

You can download this guide below. If your browser does not display correctly, right click and save the pdf. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read pdfs.

Download this guide


  1. Go to and open a merchant or business account.
  2. Ensure that you complete all the verification processes.
  3. Make a note of the email address you use and enter it on Your Project page.
  4. Make sure that your incoming and withdrawal limits are set for a suitable level.
  5. We will then set up a Sandbox account so that we can test it using the same address and we will send you the instructions and password of how to access this account securely.
  6. When it is time to go live, we will ask you to make a live contribution using one of our guest accounts.

Although Paypal is perhaps the simplest to install on our systems, you should bear in mind the following:

  • The verification process with Paypal may take several weeks and they will ask you for details of your campaign.
  • They can only accept some 20 currencies in a limited number of countries.
  • They may refuse to let you use Paypal if you do not meet their criteria
  • They have a tendency to freeze accounts with no notice or reason. Re-instating an account is a painful process.
  • They often delay payment for as much as 30 days
  • Currency conversions are automatic and costly

For these and other reasons, we recommend that you also open a Stripe or GoCardless account.
You can download this guide below. If your browser does not display correctly, right click and save the pdf. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read pdfs.

Download this guide

Go Cardless is a UK or SEPA Direct Debit System Payments are made bank to bank and guaranteed by the banks. To use GoCardless you must have one of the following
  • a Sterling UK bank account
  • an EU Euro bank account
At present the Euro countries accepted are Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands. More to follow!

Please contact us for specific setup instructions

Download this guide

Preview your campaign

You may preview your campaign at any time prior to approval, so you can see exactly what your audience will see.

Click the "Preview" tab in "Your Project"

Create a Test Survey

An important feature of our system is the ability to create a unique survey form that you can use to test the reactions of your future audience.

The "Test Survey" tab is only available when you have submitted your project for approval (see next section) and before the live date.

Both questions and responses are shown in this tab as well as the total number of respondents.  Click the "Details" Action to see all the individual responses for each question.

The survey allows for several different types of question and you can sequence the questions in your own order.

  • True or False
  • Yes or No
  • Multiple Choice (up to 4)
  • Dropdown Box (up to 4)
  • Scale (1 - 10)
  • Text

This gives you the opportunity to get direct feedback, normally from your inner circle, and fine tune your presentation.

Test Accounts

Each new campaign can be tested for payments prior to going live.  We use the payment processors Sandbox environments to allow you to process a payment or preapproval in advance. This is an essential part of testing your campaign before you go live.

There are two existing test campaigns that can be used: Disaster Movie and The Bands UK Tour

The Patronomy and Payment Logins are "" and pswd "igaguest" for both. Please use the contact page if you need additional information.

Project Owners can appoint additional administrators.

If you are going to allow multiple administrators of your project, you can do so easily.

  1. Each new administrator must register and complete their profile.  They will, like you, be assigned a User No, e.g. CF000001
  2. When you know the User Numbers of the people you want to add as administrators, go to the Followers Tab of Your Project and ADD each new User Number in the Administrators section.
  3. When the Administrator next signs in, they will see the project listed in the My Account menu and can update your project.

Administrators can manage up to 10 different projects.


You can view your patrons from the "Patrons" tab of  Your Project.

If you are using Affiliates, you can also see your affiliates and the patrons and followers that they have brought in detail.


Also listed under "Patrons" you can view any interested parties following your campaign.


If you are an affiliate, you can view all the landings from your network, their pledges and payments.

Of course you can also see how much you have earned or is in process at any time.

You can choose which campaigns to promote and subject to the approval of the project owner, you will be given a unique url and reference to use for each campaign.  You can also embed campaign panels into your own site.

Tracking is enabled for the duration of the campaign after the initial visit so even if your lead comes back later, you will still be credited if they make a pledge for any campaign that you are promoting.

You can see our Affiliate Terms of Service here.

We can help you

If you need help, we can recommend specialist consultants for almost any aspect of your campaign, but of course, they are professionals and charge upfront. 

Although many crowdfunding sites say that you can get your campaign off the ground without cost, that is generally not the case. 

At the very least you will invest a huge amount of your time and that of your inner circle. 

The larger the target, the higher the standard that your audience will expect and a budget for professional help should be anticipated.

For business funding you will also need to pass due diligence as required by the laws of your country and of course a professional business plan.  We can recommend consultants for both areas.

Who are Affiliates ?

Anyone can apply to project owners to promote their campaigns. 

First let us know that you want to be an affiliate, either by checking the box when you Sign Up or Sign In and amending your Account details.  We will let you know when you have been approved.

Then simply go to "My Account" and select the "Affiliates" tab.  Here you can see all the campaigns that are offering commissions to affiliates .  Apply to the project owner and when you have been approved, you can view your specific short URL and embed codes for the campaign panels that you can use on your own sites and social media.

The "Affiliates" tab will also show you your success rates in terms of Views, Followers and Patrons with a detailed breakdown of each pledge and even just followers.

Then use your networking skills to achieve a succesful campaign.


How and when do affiliates get paid?

When you first register, you will need to provide us with a Stripe, Paypal or bank account to which your commissions will be sent.

Payments are made automatically at the same time as funds are released to the project owner OR monthly depending on volume and currency.

If the campaign is a Fully or Minimum Funded campaign, this will be when the target is reached.

If the campaign is a Flexible or Ongoing campaign, this will be on each payment from Patrons.

Payment processors can charge for transfers (especially international) or limit withdrawals so please choose your account carefully.

Join our Affiliate Marketing Program

If you are an Affiliate Marketer and want to earn steady commissions by promoting our projects, we have a simple and reliable system.

Our project owners can opt to pay up to 10% commission for every pledge that you refer to us.

We are looking for projects and you can earn a referral fee for each new project that signs up.

Our focus is on projects whose owners take a businesslike approach to their fundraising.  As we have explained in other FAQs, the marketing effort required to raised large sums cannot be underestimated, so project owners are expected to include this marketing cost in their overall budget.  This includes the payment of Affiliate Fees of typically 10% plus the cost of managing the Affiliate Channel.

If you can bring such projects to us, we will pay up to $100 for each started project and, of course, you will be #1 for the Affiliate Marketing of that project for the campaign.

By the way, being businesslike does not exclude non-profit or community projects.  It simply means that the project owner has to be realistic.  Most projects on other platforms fail, some miserably, just because they have not planned their audience in a professional way.

How to get your unique Reference ID, URLs, and Embed codes

When we have approved you as an Affiliate, Sign In, go to "My Account" and select the "Affiliates" tab.

You will see all the campaigns that you are promoting and that are available to promote and their commission rates.  Actions include:

  • Apply Apply to promote this project 
  • Cancel Cancel promoting this project
  • Details View details of patrons and followers
  • Links Show the link and embed codes 

Presentations and Videos about Patronomy can be downloaded or linked to.

  General Royalty and Affiliate Focus
PDF format (700kb) Download Download
Powerpoint Slide Show (23mb with sound) Download Download
Video .mp4 format (7mb with sound) View or Download View or Download
Youtube View or Download View or Download


Recommended Youtube embed codes

If you are an affiliate or network marketer, we will pay you for leads that result in a project being accepted. Please sign up and we will contact you with more information. You can download all banners in zip format here We can also supply you with custom banners. Please contact us when you have signed up for more details.

Patronomy Banners. Right click and save.  Don't forget to use your own unique Affiliate RefID in the link to the landing page.

Example links to

Free consult page -

Sign Up page -

Start a Project page -


What are the criteria for a Project?

We are looking for projects that have "businesslike" owners who understand that marketing costs money. Such projects are likely to be for a raise of $15,000+ including a budget of 15-20% for marketing.

In return, we will promote their project via our Affiliate Channels and we will achieve a far higher success rate as a result.

A valid lead is one that signs up, starts a project and completes the project profile, rewards and audience data.  It will then be assessed for viability and the referral fee will be paid when it is accepted.  Payments are made monthly by Paypal.

Links, Short URLs, Banner Ads and Embed Codes

When you join Patronomy as a Mentor or Affiliate, you are assigned a unique RefID as your account number.

When you promote a project, you can also use a link to the project page, which you can obtain using the links action on the Affiliates tab of Your Account and which includes your RefID for example.

This is best used via the Short URL that you can obtain from the Affiliates Tab which is unique to you and the particular project. 

The Affiliates tab will also give you specific embed codes for each project so you can put a project  panel on your own website as well as the banner ads in standard sizes for the project.

In order to track referrals from project owners and other interested parties from us to your own site,  we will automatically log any links from your profile and append &RefID=patronomy to all such traffic.

You may want to add this to your own inbound tracking and we will list these in your affiliates tab.

Additional Support

We prefer help requests to be sent via our contact page and these are dealt with in the order received and we will try to respond within 4 working hours. You will be able to see the requests and responses in Your Account as well as by email.

If you have an urgent request, please use the LiveChat box at the bottom of most pages.  We may ask you to connect via Skype if we need to talk with you or to see a problem on your own screen.

If your question is not in our FAQs or Support database, please contact us and we will answer you within 24 hours. We may publish the reply if the question is of general interest.