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If you create your project before 31 December, we are offering reduced fees for non-profit campaigns!

Summer offer for non-profits

If you run a non-profit organisation or have a special project that directly benefits your community, we are offering to cut our campaign fees and for a vew special cases, that may even be completely FREE!.

To apply, please register and enter your project details before  December 31st, 2014

Only payment processing fees will be charged and UK an Eurozone projects may now use Direct Debits at only 1% fees as well as Stripe and Paypal.

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Nigel Roth, the founder of is a veteran of the computer industry, having joined Burroughs in 1974 with a Bachelors degree in Management Sciences from Manchester University. He was responsible for the design and development of Burroughs Financial Systems Architecture released worldwide in 1987.

Since 1988 he has started and run a number of successful businesses including distribution, sales, marketing, property development and sales and online B2B.

The focus at Patronomy is on reaching the audience and improving the success rate. Professional mentoring combined with network and affiliate marketing can take campaigns out to the crowd cost effectively through the Planning and Preparation stages.

Post campaign support in sourcing, manufacturing, sales, logistics and many other disciplines can also be provided through our Mentor Network.

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Campaigns for Non-Profits

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