Horror Movie

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A real life tale of how to lose yourself and find a new beginning

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Starring several well known actors, we want to make a low budget cult film and need your help.

This will be a pilot for a series.


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Snappy 24 December 2013

good show

here’s lookin at you

Bogey would be proud

My comment is my own opinion

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Live date03/11/2014
End date12/10/2015
Days left-1345
Amount pledged GBP 76,130.10
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Horror Movie

9 Patrons
GBP 76,130 Funded
GBP 200,000 Target
Ended Days Left

Project type

This is a flexible funding campaign. All payments will be taken immediately.
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Get a credit

All patrons will be thanked personally by email and optionally have their name or pseudonym in the closing credits of the film

Limit: Unlimited
Cost: GBP 5.00

Behind the camera

Support the film and get a SPECIAL THANK YOU ON OUR WEBPAGE, and EMAIL UPDATES on the project, including exclusive access to behind the scenes, bloopers, early stages in the design process, and the building of the sets.

Limit: Unlimited
Cost: GBP 10.00

Be the first to see it

Be the first to see the rushes!  You will be able to stream the movie on the day of release.

Limit: 100 Left
Cost: GBP 25.00

Get the T-shirt

A limited edition "I'm a Patron" T-shirt will be sent to you in the week of release.  Select your size when pledging. International shipping costs extra.

Limit: 50 Left
Cost: GBP 50.00

Day On the Set

Spend a day with the cast and crew on the set

Limit: 3 Left
Cost: GBP 50.00


A special invitation to the world premiere of the film, meet the cast and crew at the after party!

Limit: 16 Left
Cost: GBP 100.00

Royalty Option

This reward requires that you be registered as an Accredited Investor. Please sign up and complete the Accreditation form.

Limit: 8 Left
Cost: GBP 1,000.00


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