Mentors and Affiliates

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Mentors can assist you in almost every aspect of your campaign, business and ongoing patron, customer and supplier relationships.

If you are an advisor and you can help our clients, please Sign Up for a FREE listing. All we ask in return is a link to this site (with unique reference) and if we send you a lead that you recommend the use of our platform.

Our opening offer

Each new Mentor or Affiliate that registers with us, can nominate a "worthy cause" project that we may take on a pro bono basis*
* Payment processing fees still apply and acceptance is at our discretion.

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We are interested in hearing from professional advisors in the following fields that we can recommend to project owners. Mentors are expected to charge the project owner for their services.


We are interested in hearing from network and affiliate marketing professionals that we can recommend to project owners. Affiliates can earn up to 10% on all pledges made from their channels.

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Business - General Consulting

Business - HR

Business - Planning


Creative - Publishing

Creative - Video

Crowdfunding - Campaign Management

Crowdfunding - Project Planning

Finance - Accounting

Finance - Equity

Finance - Wealth Management

Legal - Commercial

Legal - Equity

Legal - Identity Theft

Legal - IP

Logistics - Shipping

Logistics - Warehousing


Marketing - Advertising

Marketing - Networks

Marketing - Reputation Video

Media - Web Radio

Media - Web TV

Mobile App Creation

PR - Blogs

PR - Press


Social Media

Website - Advertising

Website - Design/SEO