About Us

With a slew of crowdfunding sites springing up, what makes us different?

With a slew of crowdfunding platforms springing up, what makes us different?

Any new business has to define itself and this applies as much to us as the projects we will host campaigns for.

We want your funding experience not only to succeed but to be as easy as possible.  Not only do we accept a wider range of projects than most sites, but we are flexible to listen to our customers' requests and suggestions and to act on them as quickly as possible.

We offer a range of campaign types that can be tailored to your individual projects including royalty rewards, ongoing sales and subscription models.

The biggest problem that most campaigns face is building their audience.  We are enabling many thousands of affiliates to promote your projects to the widest possible audience, while giving you the tools to reach and incentivise your own network.

We can offer added value services, such as PR, product, financial and management consultancy, sourcing and logistics from our increasing pool of professional Mentors.

The bottom line is "We want to help you" and so we offer a FREE 2 hours of Consultation for every new project. Click the link below to get started.

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Who are we?

Nigel RothNigel Roth, the founder of Patronomy.com is a veteran of the computer industry, having joined Burroughs in 1974 with a Bachelors degree in Management Sciences from Manchester University. He was responsible for the design and development of Burroughs Financial Systems Architecture released worldwide in 1987.

Since 1988 he has started and run a number of successful businesses including distribution, sales, marketing, property development and sales and online B2B.

The focus at Patronomy is on reaching the audience and improving the success rate. Professional mentoring combined with network and affiliate marketing can take campaigns out to the crowd cost effectively through the Planning and Preparation stages. Post campaign support in sourcing, manufacturing, sales and logistics improves Performance and Perception.


Professional help when you need it.

We are building relationships with professional advisors that can help you with every aspect of your project, campaign or business.  This includes

  • Financial and Due Diligence advisors
  • Public relations experts
  • Social Media influencers and experts
  • Bloggers
  • Registered and accredited financial advisors for equity crowdfunding
  • Business plan specialists
  • Fulfilment and Logistics
  • Prototype manufacturers

If you would like to Mentor, please register here.


Use our Affiliate Network

We are also building Mentor and Affiliate marketing links with the objective of bringing new audiences to your campaigns.  Although this kind of marketing will cost extra, we believe that if you budget for the cost, this can save huge amounts of time and effort in creating your audience.

The audience is the most important part of the crowdfunding concept and there is no evidence that professional investors are willing to "surf" the other sites looking for ideas.  Our approach will target those most likely to contribute in a focussed way.


Open to all and all for you

We welcome project owners from any country and support a lot of currencies.  And we can reach your target audience.

We like diversity and embrace the "new", because good ideas deserve to be seen and heard.

We don't restrict projects to a limited group, subject only to them being legal, of course.

Our system is simple to use and it's quick to get started.


Projects for global and local communities. Nothing is too large or too small.

The reality is that most crowdfunding projects are local to you and your community, whether that is your circle of friends and family, or your geography.

We welcome projects that give something back to the community and these may be not-for-profit as well as business ventures.

We will be offering project owners the opportunity to meet and co-promote with other projects in complimentary areas. Not just geographically, but by genre.  Our forum will provide the meeting ground to start with.


When you start a project with us, you will know exactly how much it will cost

See the FAQs page for more details or contact us directly if anything is not clear.


Full tracking and analytics

Our system provides you with the tools to see when and where your traffic is coming from.

Every project will be given a short url and every patron and affiliate will have their own unique reference so that you can not only promote via your own channels, but you can see the effectiveness of each source.  This will help you to select the best communications with your target audience.



Promotion, promotion and more promotion!

For your campaign to succeed, you are going to have to bring in every contact, network, blog, press and person that you can muster.

We make it easier for you to connect to your circles on the social media and if we don't have the link, plugin or widget for any particular group that you want to include, then let us know and if it's possible, we will add it.

We also have access to a number of consultants that can help you with your social advertising to bring the best results.


Privacy and security is assured

We take security very seriously and protect your data and network in every possible way.  We do not use your data or your networks without your knowledge and we do not sell data to anyone.

The payment systems are similarly chosen for their security and peace of mind.