About us

This site provides a service to project owners needing to raise money for their causes, projects or businesses.  We examine projects for their aims and objectives as well as their financial viability before deciding whether to accept the listing. Specific terms and conditions of using this site can be found on the terms page.  We do not make any claims as to the viability of projects and the responsibility of delivering rewards, gifts, or profits is solely that of the project owner(s).

Professional advice when you need it

We are building relationships with professional advisors that can help you with every aspect of your project, campaign or business.  This includes

  • Financial and Due Diligence advisors
  • Public relations experts
  • Social Media influencers and experts
  • Bloggers
  • Registered and accredited financial advisors for equity crowdfunding
  • Business plan specialists
  • Fulfilment and Logistics
  • Prototype manufacturers

If you want to Mentor, please register here


  1. Our focus is on business projects, but this does not exclude non-profits, as long as they are "business like" in their approach.
  2. Do the maths! How many backers do you have to attract?  We are the only platform that offers an Affiliate Marketing Program
  3. We are the only platform that can include Royalties as part of your Reward structure, and in fact, can mix all types of Rewards.
  4. We provide not only "All or Nothing" and "Keep it All" funding, but also Minimum, Subscription and Ongoing solutions.
  5. Use our unique Test Survey Builder to Preview your project and, get precise feedback before launch.
  6. We can continue to sell your product or service in a long term relationship.
  7. We are the only platform that offers real-time LiveChat support as well as guaranteed support by email within 24 hours.
  8. We have a number of Professional Mentors in the many disciplines that a project owner needs.
  9. We are open to almost any country and currency, with more payment options than any other platform.
  10. We will accept most types of Projects and support multiple projects per owner.

Audience Building and Testing Tools

Before you launch your campaign, you can test the reactions against your inner circle not just with a preview of your project but with a custom built survey.  This unique feature gives you the opportunity not only to test your circles, but to build them into a network channel that is committed to the project.

Your Audience page will show you a good indication of how the results might turn out when you launch. Keep it up to date.

Fine tune your campaign when you get this unique feedback from these tools to get the best results.


Full Analytics

Your campaign will be assigned a unique goo.gl Short URL which will monitor all traffic and give you valuable insight into your audience.

You can assign additional unique URLs to key influencers that you designate, so you can see the effect of all your recommenders.

Not just a payment processor

We offer a comprehensive service to our project owners including

  • Professional consulting services for PR, Finance, Logistics, Sourcing, Systems, Websites and more
  • Added value networks to boost your campaign
  • Ongoing support even after the campaign
  • Free relisting if you don't succeed the first time

What do we look for in a project?

  • Projects should be "business like" in their approach, but that does not rule out non-profits.
  • They can be in any industry or country.
  • There should be a solid business plan (See FundMyBiz on the Mentors page for one way to create your plan).
  • The minimum raise will be $15,000 and will include a budget of 15-20% for marketing and/or affiliates.
  • The organic Audience should account for at least 20% of the raise.

See the FAQS section on Plan Your Project for more specific details.

Smaller projects

Under certain circumstances we may take on smaller projects if the project owner is well organised and capable of driving their own traffic to the page.  Do not think for one minute that listing a project will (on any platform) get organic traffic.  You are responsible for driving your own traffic.  Having said that, if you budget for the use of affiliates in your marketing costs, we can help you to gain traffic through our affiliate channels.

Larger projects

We also work with private clients that have larger projects, typically $100,000 or more, that may not be suitable for crowd funding for any one of a number of reasons. For example:

  • Businesses requiring venture capital of equity, debt, convertible loans or a mix.
  • Projects where rewards are hard to define but where investors can still get a return on investment
  • Long term funding requirements

If your project falls into this category, please register and then contact us for a private consulation.

We offer project owners several ways to raise the funds they need.

  • Fully Flexible (Keep it all)
  • Minimum Flexible (Keep all above the minimum)
  • Fully Funded (All or Nothing)
  • Royalty Scheme
  • Equity
  • Ongoing Sales (No time limit)
  • Subscriptions (No time limit)
  • Mixed Funding (see below)

Fully Flexible campaigns (also known as Keep It All)

If your project can work with any amount of backing, the Fully Flexible option means that patrons are charged immediately and the funds transferred to the project owner at the same time.

An example might be that the project itself is going to be completed regardless, but additional funding can enhance the project in any number of ways. 

Of course, you should consider whether the "extras" are really something that patrons will want as they will obviously ask the question "If it's going to happen anyway, why do they need my support?"

Minimum Flexible Campaigns

If your project needs a minimum level of funding to make the first deliverables, but has potential well beyond this, then our unique Minimum Flexible campaign may be for you.

Early patrons pledge their support but are not charged unless the Minimum target is reached, at which point they are charged and the project owner receives the funds immediately.

Once the Minimum target is reached, all additional patrons are charged immediately and funds transferred to the project owner.  The project owner has an opportunity to change the rewards at this point.

A Final target or End date can be set to bring the campaign to a close

This is suitable for many types of projects that need a certain level to get started but can keep delivering after that, even indefinitely by switching the campaign to an Ongoing campaign as follows.

Fully funded campaigns (also known as All or Nothing)

The Fully Funded campaign sets a goal which must be reached before the patrons are charged and the project owner receives any funding.

This is suitable where the project can only be completed if all the funds are available.  You should take into account all fees and fulfillment costs before deciding the goal.

Patrons will pledge their support and will not be charged unless the goal is reached.  No costs will be charged to the project owner unless the goal is reached.

Royalty Schemes

Royalty schemes reward the Patron for his investment in a long-term business by paying royalties based on a number of business factors such as turnover, profit, or even by product sales.

This is a useful alternative to equity fundraising, particularly where regulatory restrictions might apply.

Project Owners will need to take specialist advice.  More details can be found here.

You can mix Royalty Rewards with other types of Rewards.  Royalty Rewards will normally be processed with an offline contract and payment process.

Equity Fundraising

Raising capital by selling equity or shares in your business is highly regulated in most markets. In particular, advertising to the general public is either illegal or controlled unless the offer is approved and vetted by a regulated body.

Even in the USA, the JOBS Act may have lifted some restrictions, but it looks at this time as though it may still have to be under the auspices of registered "broker/dealers" of which there are only some 4,500 firms.  We can support 506(c) raises providing your investors can verify their accredited status.

Project owners will need to take specialist advice, which we can arrange.

Equity Funding will normally include an offline contract and payment process.

Ongoing campaigns

Once a campaign has been succesful, project owners are given the option of switching to an Ongoing campaign.

This would be suitable where, for example, a product has been launched and new sales can be made, or where new rewards can be delivered using the network that has been established.

See also the section below on Affiliate Networks because once you have converted a Patron, you will probably want them to promote your campaign or business on a long term basis.


Once a campaign has ended, you can offer your followers the opportunity to receive ongoing benefits by a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription.  For example, if you are publishing regularly, you could send or deliver content to your subscribers. If you are selling products, this could be a monthly delivery.  In fact, anything that you want to raise regular income from.

Of course, your best sales people are going to be your Patrons, so think about how you can reward them for long term promotions.

Mixed Funding Campaigns

We allow you to mix and match rewards in a campaign.  For example you could offer rewards such as products, services or other incentives for immediate payment while at the same time offering royalty contracts or equity for larger contributions.

Select "Mixed" campaign type in your project profile and detail each reward for both reward type and payment procedure.

Royalty payments are an alternative way of raising funds and have several advantages to both project owner and patron.

  • Royalties are very flexible.
    • They can be paid on sales or profit as a percentage or a fixed amount
    • They can be a percentage return on investment
    • They are normally paid quarterly or annually to investors.
  • Lower upfront costs than Equity Raising
  • Royalty payments are made before any distribution of profits to shareholders and can be perceived as less risky by investors.
  • Investors have a legally binding contract and do not have to rely on uncertain dividends.
  • By paying royalties instead of selling your equity in the business, you do not dilute your control of the business and you do not have any shareholders to answer to. By the same token, investors do not run the risk of having their equity diluted.
  • Royalty contracts are unregulated but can include equity options, buybacks or other exit strategies.
  • Royalty contracts can be sold on via this or other platforms.
  • Nevertheless, they are a long term commitment, but of course your Royalty Patrons also become a marketing channel.
  • There can be significant tax advantages in some countries and states. We can refer to you to specialist advisors if you need more information.

Affiliate or Network Marketing is simply the use of paid affiliates to promote your project.

The biggest problem most project owners face is that their own circles are simply not enough to create a large enough audience to meet their targets.  Around 70% of crowd funding projects fail and of those, nearly half get less than 1% of their target.

The solution

Our focus at Patronomy is to create an audience that brings sufficient volume of highly targetted traffic to the project page so that even a low conversion rate will bring a Crowd that can reach even ambitious targets.

The Affiliate Program is managed by professional managers, skilled at building affiliate networks quickly and on focus.  The Audience Calculator that we ask prospective project owners to complete tells us immediately where the shortfall in numbers is and how to address it.  In the two months prior to launch, your affiliate manager will select, recruit and prime the network to get that all important boost in the first week and will continue to promote the project until completion. 

After that, the affiliates can be turned toward marketing the product or service when it is ready.

How much should you budget for Marketing?

Compared with other marketing costs, Affiliate Marketing has a lower upfront cost and will be a percentage that you determine to pay.

Typically, the setup fee is $1500 and the cost per pledge is 10-13%.  Remember that this only applies to pledges brought in by the Affiliates, so if your own circles contribute 50% of the raise, the cost in total is proportionately lower.

We charge the project owner a flat percentage of the amount raised.

If the campaign does not reach its Fully Funded or Minimum targets, there is no charge to the project owner.

Patrons do not pay any charges.

Our standard fee is 5% of the funds received by the project owner, net of payment costs by Paypal or other payment processors.

We can offer lower fees if you have been recommended by another project owner or if you are a registered charity.

Charges to Project Owners by Payment Processors are:

Stripe: 2.4% + 0.20 pence for GBP, and 2.9% plus 0.30 cents for USD and EUR. Stripe also charges 2% for currency conversions if applicable.

GoCardless: 1.0% for GBP Direct Debits and is capped at a maximum £2.00 per charge.

Paypal: 2.9% plus 0.30 cents/pence per payment made. Paypal also charges for withdrawals and international transfers.

Consulting Fees

We do not charge for an initial consultation, but please be prepared to provide the documents listed in the Plan your Project section below before we will review your case.

If we consider your project suitable but recommend that you need help in any one of the areas required to reach your target, we may offer our services on a consulting fee basis in addition to success fees.

Using our Affiliate Marketing Program

We use a professional Affiliate Management group to recruit and administer Affiliates, for which there is a variable setup charge and 3% of each pledge from the network.

Affiliates will respond to an incentive of between 7.5% and 10% by promoting your project and bringing Patrons. Project Owners can decide their own level.

Affiliate charges are only made if and when the payment is collected from the Patron and are deducted automatically from the amount transferred to the Project Owner.

Remember that only a percentage of your pledges will come via Affiliates but what that percentage is will depend on your marketing efforts.

If you intend to use this facliity, you must budget for it in your target required but it compares favourably to other marketing channels.

Other Marketing Channels

We can suggest a number of marketing and PR firms that can help you achieve your goal. See the Mentors page for some of these.

Do not fall into the trap of expecting people to find your page by accident. Only your marketing efforts using one of more channels will drive qualified traffic to your project.

Crowdfunding is a simple concept

Campaigns offer an incentive to your followers and to the public at large to donate, buy or invest in your idea.  These incentives will vary in value and complexity but must be something that patrons want.  The patrons' motivation is critical to your success.

Reward based campaigns

Typically campaigns that offer rewards to their patrons are creative such as music, films or events where the rewards might include mentions, tweets, tickets, downloads or appearances.  The size of the reward should be proportionate to the amount requested and you can also limit the number of patrons for any reward to offer exclusivity.

Product based campaigns

If you are planning to provide a product or service to your patrons or to a wider customer base, you can offer patrons a finished product or service in return for their early adoption of your idea.  This type of campaign is often seen for games, inventions or for early start up businesses.  Campaigns will be be vetted for their financial viability and we also offer a range of services to project owners that can assist with many aspects of financial control, sourcing, location, logistics and administration.

Equity based campaigns

Selling equity to private investors is heavily regulated in most jurisdictions.  Apart from financial controls, investors must also be vetted for their financial status and "sophistication".  We can provide specific advice from specialists if you are considering selling shares in your business. Please contact us for more information.

Investors in equity based schemes must specifically accept the risk of buying shares in start-up businesses, especially if they are not in the same country.

A useful alternative to equity raising is the use of Royalty Contracts, See the section above on Royalties

Not for profit campaigns

If you want to promote a charitable or philanthropic cause, in most countries you will need to be licenced accordingly.  However, there are also many examples of gift-giving for worthy causes that fall outside these parameters.

We will ask you for a payment email address or to sign up with a payment processor if you are going to create a project or make a pledge.

If you are going to create a project, please read the support page about how to setup a payment account.

If you are going to be a patron and support projects on a regular basis, you may choose to register the email linked to your payment account in order to simplify the task.

If you are making a one-off pledge, you will obviously be directed to the payment processor that is most suitable when you make the pledge.

We use Stripe Payments for all major credit or debit cards and most countries.  Stripe Customers can also pay from their Stripe account. Payment depends on the type of campaign as follows.

Visit Stripe

Fully Funded and Minimum Flexible campaigns

When a pledge is made, the patron is directed to Stripe to authorise a pre-approval request at a future date on their debit card, credit card or Stripe account.  The funds are only taken against this pledge if the target is reached on or before the specified date.  The project owner receives all the funds at the same time less fees directly from Stripe.

After the target is met, payment for all subsequent pledges is taken via Stripe immediately and the project owner received his funds less fees directly from Stripe

Fully Flexible and Ongoing campaigns

Payment is taken via Stripe immediately and the project owner receives his funds less fees directly from Stripe.


Once a subscription has been set up with Stripe, payments will be taken at the agreed intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually) and payment is made to the project owner at the same time less fees.

Payments to project owners are made every Friday.

We now offer UK and Eurozone patrons and projects the option of paying and being paid by Bank Direct Debit. This service is operated by GOCardless and is fully protected by the UK Banks and SEPA Direct Debit schemes.   See the list of countries and currencies for more information

Visit GOCardless

Fully Funded and Minimum Flexible campaigns

When a pledge is made, the patron is directed to GOCardless to authorise a Direct Debit request at a future date on their UK bank account.  The funds are only taken against this pledge if the target is reached on or before the specified date.  The project owner receives all the funds within one week less fees directly from GOCardless.

After the target is met, payment for all subsequent pledges is taken via Direct Debit immediately and the project owner receives his funds less fees directly from GOCardless.

Fully Flexible and Ongoing campaigns

Payment is taken via Direct Debit immediately and the project owner receives his funds in 7 working days less fees directly from GOCardless.


Once a subscription has been set up with GOCardless, payments will be taken at the agreed intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually) and payment is made to the project owner in 7 working days less fees.

Project owners, please note that a fixed platform fee of 5% is deducted so this option is not suitable for all projects. If you would like more information, please contact us.

Payment Times

UK Direct Debits take 7 working days and SEPA direct Debits take 10-12 working days at present

Visit Direct Debits

We also offer Paypal Adaptive Systems both for Paypal Accounts and credit/debit cards in around 22 countries.  Again the payment method varies according to the campaign type.

Visit Paypal

Fully Funded and Minimum Flexible campaigns

When a pledge is made, the patron is directed to Paypal to authorise a pre-approval request at a future date on their debit card, credit card or Paypal account.  The funds are only taken against this pledge if the target is reached on or before the specified date.  The project owner receives all the funds at the same time less fees directly from Paypal.

After the target is met, payment for all subsequent pledges is taken via Paypal immediately and the project owner received his funds less fees directly from Paypal

Fully Flexible and Ongoing campaigns

Payment is taken via Paypal immediately and the project owner receives his funds less fees directly from Paypal.


Once a subscription has been set up with Paypal, payments will be taken at the agreed intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually) and payment is made to the project owner at the same time less fees.

Click here for a full list of currencies accepted

Bank Transfers

We can also accept and make bank transfers, which is the preferred method for amounts over GBP1000 or the equivalent in your currency.

If you are backing a project and wish to make a bank payment, please contact us for the IBAN number. 

If you are a project owner, you will already have provided your bank details to us and can select this option.

Any bank charges incurred by us will be deducted from the amount pledged or paid.

Refunds and cancellations

Pledges and Payments are a firm commitment by the patron who may be liable to legal action from the project owner if not fulfilled.

Pre-approved pledges can be cancelled at any time before the target is reached via the processors' websites.   We do ask to be advised via our contact page if this action is taken and why.

Once payment has been taken, refunds become the responsibility solely of the project owner and we take no responsibility for reward fulfillment.

However, we do want to be advised of any problems that patrons encounter with any aspect of a project which they have backed.

Payments from Patrons can be accepted in almost any currency.

Payments from Patrons can be made in all major currencies via Stripe, Paypal, UK Direct Debit or SEPA Direct Debit.

Payments to Project Owners are normally made in GBP, USD or EUR but arrangements can be made for other currencies.

Stripe also accepts payments in more than 120 additional currencies. Funds are automatically converted to the Project Owner's currency at an additional 2% fee.

Click here for a full list of currencies.


What is the difference between a project and a campaign?

Simply put, a project is the end result of a fund raising campaign. Whether it is a product, service, creative activity or a business, the project normally starts when a minimum level of funds have been raised and may be a specific action or an ongoing activity.

Your campaign to raise those funds is in some ways a separate activity that requires huge amounts of time, publicity and promotion in order to persuade patrons to fund your project.  The skill sets required to run a campaign can differ greatly from the project creation itself.

Make your project clear and easy to understand.

Your project should be well defined from the outset. 

  • Why are you doing this?
  • What are you going to do?
  • How are you going to do it?
  • What is the money going to be used for?
  • What are the timescales and milestones for each step?
  • Why would someone want to back your project?
  • Make yourself and your project transparent

What should you have prepared?

At the very least you will need to have the following ready for our review.  Some of this can be entered in your project details and associated tabs.

  1. Exec Summary in doc - 3-4 pages max inc key financials – WOW factor and USPs
  2. Elevator pitch in ppt – 15 slides max inc key financials – WOW factor and USPs
  3. Video – 2-3 mins
  4. Full pitch deck in doc or ppt – complete business plan inc team, marketing plan, competitive analysis,
  5. Full financials in xls – inc P&L, Sales Forecasts, Cashflow forecast
  6. Supporting docs, eg DD, draft contracts, market analysis
  7. Graphics – png pref, slide1 (700x250), banners in standard sizes

What about rewards?

Rewards must be clearly defined at all levels and be appropriate for the amount that you are asking for.  Be creative in your rewards so that patrons feel that they are getting value for money.

There are many types of rewards, ranging from simple "thanks" to products, tickets, downloads, and of course profits.

Make it clear how you are going to fulfill your promises of rewards.  If it is a physical reward, how are you going to deliver it?  Remember that you are solely and legally responsible for making good on your commitments.

Set a realistic target

Patrons want to know not only what you are going to spend their money on but more importantly that your campaign stands a reasonable chance of success and that you can deliver the project on time and in budget.

Be transparent with your costs, timescales and proceeds. 

Do I need a video?

Absolutely YES!

Making videos is your opportunity to showcase yourself and your project and it does not take much to make a short presentation. 

What is important is that you demonstrate your commitment and drive to successful completion of both the campaign and the project.

You will find many blogs that can help you with ideas, but most of all, be yourself!

Your Project (Business) Plan Even if you are planning a non-profit project, you must treat this as a business.

Your plan should include at least the following in enough depth to convince patrons to back you, your team and your project.

  1. The Mission
  2. Background
  3. Opportunity
  4. Team Structure – Executive and Operational
  5. Your Business Model or Strategy
  6. Your Target Markets and Opportunities
  7. Current Status - Product, Service, Revenue, Profit, Customers, Beneficiaries
  8. Sales / Revenue Projections
  9. Crowdfunding  Raise Goals
  10. Crowdfunding  Rewards
  11. Your Projected  Use of Funds
  12. Competition
  13. Your Differentiators

Patronomy is pleased to partner with FundMyBiz which provides a uniform and comprehensive online business planning tool and offers not only integrated presentation to patrons, but a 10% discount on subscriptions.  More details can be found here.

Planning and Preparation

Success of your project obviously depends on many factors, but here are some guidelines taken from some of the campaigns.

  • Make sure your proposal is something that your intended patrons can identify with.
  • Do your market research thoroughly
  • Allocate your time well in advance and then double or even triple your estimate!
  • Create a precise and concise pitch and test this on your inner circle

Identify your target audience

Successful campaigns will have an inner circle of friends, family or business contacts that will typically commit early in the campaign. You should aim to have all of these ready to back you in the first week and aim to raise at least 25% of your funding from them.  They will also be critical to taking the message out to their own circles.  This means pre-launching your campaign AND gaining their confidence and commitment.

You might want to consider this good article Startups Need to Embrace Zero Paid Media Marketing in relation to setting a realistic marketing budget

Create your own brand

Think about how to present yourself and your project.  This may include:

  • The project title and byline
  • Your bio and relevant experience
  • The image that you want to promote
  • The impact of your project on you, any beneficiaries and your patrons

Think about the phases of the campaign

You will want to pre-launch your campaign certainly to your inner circle so that pledges are made as soon as possible.

Use the Test Survey to build a committed audience (see Support page for more detail).

Create and build as large a network as you can well before the launch. (see build your network below)

During the campaign, plan to make regular updates, promotions, activities, press and email activities.  Use every form of communication that you can think of, but use them wisely.  No-one wants junk mail or over-twittering.


How should you decide on your reward types and levels?

Rewards can be anything that you feel will thank your patrons for their support.  You should research your target market thoroughly in order to decide how best to do this.

You can design your own reward system, using a combination of mentions, gifts, products, downloads, appearances, interest, profits, shares or even cash.


Plan your fulfilment

Rewards, whatever they might be, are your promise to your patrons and MUST be delivered on time and in full.

Consider including immediate and public rewards because these will encourage more patrons and with every communication, include not only the short url to your campaign, but a request for your network to tell their own circles about you.

See the section below on bonus rewards also.

Bonus rewards can be used as an incentive to build your network.

Once a patron has made a pledge, you can decide whether to incentivise them further to spread the word and bring new patrons from their own circles.

Bonus rewards can be based on the number of new patrons or a target and can be either gifts or cash.  Each Bonus Patron will be given a unique promo code that they can use in their own sub-campaigns so that we can track their efforts.

We use Google for Short URLs, tracking and analytics.

If you are going to create a project, you will be assigned a Goo.gl Short URL for your campaign page.

We and you can also assign unique URLs to followers, patrons and of course affiliates so that their activity can be tracked and if required, rewards or payments can be made for the pledges they bring in.

You will be able to view these but need a Google account, and the easiest way is to have a GMail account.

We promote many different types of campaign. Here are some ideas.

  • Creative projects
    • films, music, arts, performance, writing
    • patrons will expect preferential treatment by reward or profits
  • Product projects
    • manufacturing, sourcing, marketing, prototyping or patenting
    • patrons will expect to receive one or more products or profits
  • Charitable projects
    • patrons will expect transparency of results for donations
  • Business projects
    • loans or equity in specific business ventures
    • subject to regulatory approval if required


Submitting a project is easy, just Start a Project from the top menu.

Before you submit your project, you must ensure that you have read and understood our terms and project guidelines but more importantly make sure that you are ready.

We suggest you read all the FAQs not only here but on other sites, blogs and news so that you can present your project and start your campaign with the best possible chance of success.

Build your networks

The first thing to realise is that you MUST build your networks in advance of launching your campaign. These will consist of your primary circle of relatives, friends or others that have a vested interest in your success. Consider if they need incentives to promote your idea.

Should I use Affiliates ?

In a sense, you are already using affiliates when you enlist the help of your own circles and our Bonus Reward option gives you the opportunity to reward your own circles with additional rewards or cash.

We offer all project owners the option of using our Affiliate Network to increase their chances of success.  Our affiliates are paid only on the pledges that are recorded as originating from their own efforts.  You decide how much incentive to offer these networks.  Typically, they charge 13% for a commercial project, but there are a number that will promote non-profits for free.

Please ask us for more information.


What is tracking and how do you do it?

Tracking is an essential part of what we do because it allow us to:

  • See where leads are coming from
  • Account for leads with Project Owners, Mentors and Affiliates
  • Improve our profile and/or pages

We use a combination of Google Analytics, Short URLs and specific unique Reference IDs which are explained in the next frame.

Your Unique Reference ID (RefID)

Every user is assigned an account number when they register and this unique RefID is then used to track incoming leads in a variety of ways.  The simplest way is to add the RefID to the URL that you might give out.

For example, http://patronomy.com?RefID=CFnnnnn

If you are a Project Owner, you can see the Links, Short URLs and embed code on the Summary tab of Your Project page.

Mentors and Affiliates can generate their own Short URLs from the My Account page, and from the project pages.

We use goo.gl to supply the short URLs which allows the user to see their own Analytics as well as letting us track better.

Short URLs, Linking and Embed Codes

This feature is for use by Project Owners, Mentors, Affiliates and Patrons.  Each combination can be assigned a UNIQUE and Short URL which automatically includes that person's unique RefID.  Using the Short URLs for a project, or news item increases our visibility to the search engines and allows us to be very precise about the origin of a lead.

Project URLs can be found on the Statistics tab of the Project, together with embed codes to put a project panel on your own website.

What is the Mentor Program?

Everybody has somebody that they look to for advice and support, so we allow you not only to reward Your Mentors, but to use the campaign, particularly while in Preview mode, to approach and recruit more Mentors.

Any Member can elect to become one of Your Mentors, and you can accept or deny their approach. You decide what to offer Mentors as rewards.

Mentors will be able to Preview your campaign, make suggestions and most importantly, join your Inner Circle to promote the campaign, before, during and after launch. 

Our Professional Mentors are there to provide specific advice on a fee basis.  This is particularly needed for equity funding.

Click here to register as a Mentor

How can Affiliates help you succeed?

We offer Affiliates the opportunity to share campaigns with their network and pay them for the results.

You can decide how to encourage Affiliates whether in Rewards or Cash although the professional Affiliates will prefer cash,

Affiliates can choose the projects that they want to promote and between rewards or commissions.  Some Affiliates run their own  marketing networks and these will only respond to cash incentives of at least 10% for each pledge received.  Our system allows payments to be made according to the type of campaign.

We use a professional Affiliate Management group to recruit and administer Affiliates, for which there is a variable setup charge and 3% of each pledge from the network.

If you intend to use this facliity, you must budget for it in your target required.

Click here to register as a Affiliate

How can you reward Affiliates?

You decide whether you want to use affiliates or not.  You can choose to reward affiliates with;

  • rewards based on the amount their promotions raise
  • commission on the amount received from their efforts

Affiliates are tracked so we can identify patrons that they bring to your campaign, even if they don't pledge the first visit.

We will accept most types of projects if they have been properly documented and planned with the following exceptions and rules.

  1. Projects must be legal in the country of the project owner
  2. Rewards must be legal in the country of the project owner
  3. Projects that offer equity, loans or profits must have regulatory approval where required
  4. Any claims about the project must fall within the advertising standards of the country of the project owner


We reserve the right to reject or terminate projects

We may reject projects that are offensive, badly planned or that we feel will not succeed without explanation.

We may terminate listed projects without prejudice or explanation if we feel they are inappropriate, fraudulent or not delivering on their promises.

We reserve the right to change our rules, terms and conditions without notice.

If your question is not in our FAQs or Support database, please contact us and we will answer you within 24 hours. We may publish the reply if the question is of general interest.