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First Affiliate Marketing Program for Crowdfunders

Nigel Roth is the founder of and his Crowd Funding Platform has the key difference that Affiliate Marketing is at the core of their approach of how to drive projects to the site and then reward Affiliates for bringing backers to those projects.

Affiliates Marketers are experts in reaching target audiences in almost any vertical. The larger networks get millions of impressions a day, so it’s really a no-brainer to harness that volume.

According to Roth, Patronomy provides Project Owners with support before launch, during campaigns, and in an ongoing long term partnership.  “We believe in supporting our project owners in all aspects of their business, from the first stages of project presentation through to the final stages of delivery logistics and ongoing sales.  Affiliate Marketing is just one of those services but for most project owners it may well be the only way they will succeed.”

Of course, there is a cost, but any project that hasn’t worked out its marketing budget is not what the platform is looking for.  The advantage of using Affiliates is that the setup cost is lower and the cost is a calculated percentage of what is raised.

Typical Project Owners will be entrepreneurs with a solid business plan and that doesn’t rule out non-profits either. They may be in any industry or location.

The Affiliate Programs are managed by AMWSO.  More details can be found on the website,