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How to win friends and influence people!

To be truthful, there is no simple answer. Much will depend on the project, yourself and your team but seeking the help of one of our Mentors will give you a head start.

It's all about getting your campaign noticed, and this is where our PR Mentors will help you craft your message and get it placed in the right places to target your audience.  Mentors will charge for their services.

When it comes to promoting, you can enlist one or more of our Affiliates.  These are principally Network and Affiliate Marketers that make their living from your success.  You can expect to pay 10% of pledges received from their channels plus a charge for the Affiliate Manager, but the larger networks do know how to reach millions of potential Patrons.

If you thought that you could get away with no marketing costs, think again. Any project should include legal and professional fees as well as marketing costs in their budget from day one.  Some costs will be upfront and others will be on a cost per action basis.  Of course, if you already have your target audience captivated, you may be able to spend less on marketing!