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How Affiliate Marketing can help Crowd Funding Projects reach a large enough audience to reach their target

Affiliate marketing is a powerful form of marketing where affiliates are awarded for every customer brought in through an affiliate site.  Awards are based on established marketing techniques, such as Pay-Per-Click, content marketing, and display advertising.  Newer methods are such things as App Based Marketing and Video reviews as well as the posting of reviews of the product they’re affiliated with to drive traffic to the provider’s site.

There are some valid questions about how this new method works in conjunction with a product that theoretically doesn’t have any existing capital, and no immediate way to provide payouts to affiliates.  The internet marketing world is a rapidly developing and innovating field, and affiliates have seen the benefit of signing on with crowd funded projects, their conditional investment of effort providing the opportunity for great returns from the ground floor.

How your crowdfunded project can benefit

  1. Marketing is a complex industry -- Affiliate marketers rarely work with one project, and the marketing industry is a complex, constantly innovating place.  Crowd Funders rarely have the time or opportunity to research marketing methods, let alone implement them in effective ways in the time they have.  Affiliate marketers are experts in this field, and can drive large amounts of traffic to your site by putting this knowledge to work. 
  2. Result Based Advertising Costs – In the event you do invest in advertising costs trying to get funded, there’s no guarantee that this advertising will actually pay off.  Affiliate based marketing ensures that you only pay out when your advertising method sees results.   Whether in the form of traffic, or actual donations, you’ll know you’re getting your money’s worth.
  3. Effective Advertising with no Capital or risk – Many projects seeking crowd funding have little or no capital available at the initiation of their campaign.  Affiliate based marketing allows you to get large amounts of advertising done by an experienced provider without having to pay any money up front.  Only those advertisers who meet your criteria will actually be entitled to any kind of payout, and even then, only if your project gets funded.  While in the end part of your funding will have to go to those affiliates that were successful in generating traffic and revenue, the influx of traffic and funding you may not have otherwise seen can easily outstrip that cost.

These are just a few of the ways your crowd funded project can take advantage of the powerful Affiliate Marketing enterprise, and why you should jump on board with this style of marketing today.  Take your crowd funding project to new heights, and see how effective this form of marketing can be!

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