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Crowd Funding for grown ups!, the Crowd Funding Platform for Business, is proud to announce a formal partnership with MB Private Wealth Management & Corporate Partners.

Patronomy’s founder, Nigel Roth, is a 40 year veteran of the computer industry as well as being involved in many startups.  Roth says, “This strategic partnership brings together something that was lacking in crowd funding portals – the meeting of deal flow with private investors.  With a wide range of funding options and the early adoption of larger investors, the projects have a much better chance of success.”

MBP Wealth Management & Corporate Partners CEO & founder, Mark Burgess is a seasoned wealth management professional of more than 20 years standing.  Together with MB Private Wealth Management, working with selected Corporate Partners and careful curation of opportunities, this new relationship gives project owners access to private wealthy clients whilst selecting the best returns for investors.

“It’s all about the numbers”.  The reason why so many crowd funding campaigns fail is because the project owner rarely has the reach or the resources to create a large enough audience.  Patronomy is unique in offering its project owners, the use of its Affiliate Marketing program, which boosts the Audience exponentially.

Burgess says, “This relationship enables us to focus on viable business projects and bring private investment to underpin the funding efforts of project owners.  The many unique tools that Patronomy has developed make it easier for us to understand the project and financials in a uniform way, so that we can compare them.”